Optimising Change Management Requires an Action Plan

Sporting teams plan how to improve their performance. Enhancing and improving the efficiency of your change management team requires a plan to achieve the desired outcomes.

It is important you create a plan linked to your mission and follow the plan to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your change management team. What’s your plan?

Your plan will contain several key elements that you would also see in a business plan. Key topics include goals or targets, change management processes, tools to plan and manage change, activities to build the capability of people, resourcing, and a budget.

The plan to improve your change management team will require project management and change management activities to achieve the desired the goals or targets. It is important that you manage the changes and improvements within your team effectively. Often this is overlooked – and a change management team can be the most resistant to change.

Once the plan has been created and approved by the change management sponsor, it is important to track and report on progress. This can be a challenge as often the team is delivering change for the organisation and the team’s own plan is given a lower priority. This is a trap, and can reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of the team. By planning and implementing a plan for the change management team, change managers have reported that the efficiencies gained far outweigh the time spent on planning.

Leading organisations are using Ralleo to improve the planning and management of change. Investment in Ralleo optimises the change management team, enabling the team to deliver more to their organisation.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

It is easier to reach your goals when there is a clear path to reaching them. This is how a large multinational oil and gas company was able to progress to its desired future state – its change management team followed a plan.

The team’s plan broke the future state down into five key areas of activity. Within each area, goals and individual activities, including timelines, resourcing and costs, provided a step-by-step guide for improving the team.

Having such a clear, well-articulated plan ensured the change management sponsor and key stakeholders (including the project management office) clearly understood what was happening and how to help the team achieve its mission.


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