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Answers to frequently asked questions about Ralleo and change management
The rate and volume of change in organisations is increasing – driven by competition, technology and disruptive market forces. However, the tools used to manage these changes are often Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which don’t easily allow for information to be shared or provide a holistic view of all the changes happening across an organisation.

Ralleo is a contemporary change management solution which ensures information and actions are shared consistently with the right people at the right time. It provides a holistic view of change across organisations, giving both big-picture and specific activity views of changes. This allows better management of individual changes as well as the portfolio of organisational changes to better realise business outcomes.

Rather than using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, people manage change using Ralleo. The application collects, aggregates, and analyses information. This drives dashboards, heatmaps and unique views in real-time, so you can better plan, manage and report on change.
Ralleo is a cloud based software application for managing change and is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Our application centralises your changes into one easy to use platform, so you can greatly improve the way you plan, manage and report on change. Ralleo can be accessed via any modern web browser secured with HTTPS (256 bit AES encryption) so you can start using Ralleo today.
Implementing Ralleo is easy with the Ralleo Performance or Ralleo Accelerator programmes. Both programmes are designed to ensure your team can quickly gain value from Ralleo.

Ralleo Performance programme – This self-guided implementation is for smaller teams that want to implement Ralleo themselves. The programme consists of an implementation plan, how-to videos, written guides, checklists, and training sessions. These tools can walk you through the Ralleo implementation so your team can start using Ralleo right away.

Ralleo Accelerator programme – The Ralleo Accelerator Program is for larger teams and enterprise organisations that want to be guided through implemented Ralleo and receive onsite training. The Ralleo Accelerator Programme is delivered over 2 -3 days and delivered by the Ralleo team or an authorised Ralleo affiliate.

Ralleo is provided as software as a service and has flexible subscription plans to fit your budget. We have three pricing plans that can be found on our pricing page. Have a read through and select the plan that best meets your requirements. Contact us if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you find the right plan for your business.
When subscribing to one of our flexible change plans, your organisation will receive comprehensive training and support aligning with your selected package. To find out more about what support package best suits your team’s needs, contact us.

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