Why Defining Scope Can Drive Change Management Success


Change management teams face ever-increasing demand to provide support to their organisation. The reality is that every change management team will have limited resources and budget and unlimited requests for assistance by the organisation.

High-performing change management teams have a clearly defined scope and responsibilities that enable them to provide effective support for their organisation. Defining the scope and responsibilities of the change team and educating the organisation will greatly assist the change management team to focus on what is important.


The scope of the change management team must be defined. Making the change management team responsible for every change is unrealistic. Defining the scope provides clarity on what needs to be delivered. Scope may be defined by the strategic priorities of the organisation, the size or complexity of the changes, or the change projects approved by the project management office.

Team Responsibilities

Once we define what is in scope and what is out of scope of the change management team, the next step is to define what the team is responsible for. What type of services or support does the team provide to the changes that are in scope? Does the team provide change practitioners to do delivery work or does it act more as an internal consulting team, providing guidance and coaching to the organisation?


It is great the change management team know what they are doing – but what about the organisation? Change management is still poorly understood in most organisations. Everyone knows what the accounting team does, but what is change management and what does your high-performance change management team do? Educating your leaders, key stakeholders, and your organisation on why, how and what your change management team does will greatly assist in building the team’s effectiveness.

Express yourself

Knowledge is important, but being able to clearly express why the change management team exists and the value it brings is vital to ensuring success. This is especially true of very large organisations, where the messages can be more easily lost in the sheer volume of daily operations.

When working with a large, multinational oil and gas company, I helped the change management team to establish a very clear scope and range of defined activities. The team was enabled to more easily articulate its purpose and their services.

This clarity meant the team essentially operated as an internal change management consultancy and could educate the business on their role as change practitioners.

In turn, the company, from senior leadership through to team leaders, understood the team’s role, the value they provided to the company and how the change management team could assist them in adapting to and embracing the changes necessary for success.


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