3 Things Your Change Team Should Think About in 2018


The new year is always a great time to reflect on the way in which you work:


  • What great things did you achieve last year?
  • What are your plans for this year?
  • What do you need to improve?
  • How will you get better results?

As a change manager or change portfolio manager, January can be an ideal month in which to step back, evaluate where you are and what you’re doing, and think carefully about how you’re going to manage change in the year ahead.

Right now, change management is an exciting – yet challenging – field in which to work. There’s a constant push for employer-led change initiatives; technology means the pace of change is far greater than ever before; and importantly, many change managers are still using quite outdated and cumbersome technology – which makes life much far harder than it needs to be.

In looking at the year ahead, here are three key things your change management department should be focused on:


1.  Growing and empowering your change team


An article by McKinsey suggests that change managers need to focus intently on employees’ needs, feelings and beliefs, in order to drive effective change.

“As managers attempt to drive performance by changing the way employees behave, they all too often neglect the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that, in turn, drive behaviour,” [1] it says.

Indeed, to drive true, meaningful change, it’s important to focus less on tasks and more on giving people the tools and resources they need to improve – as this is when change happens organically.

Within your own change management team, for instance, it’s important that your people have innovative, smart tools and resources to help them do their best work. Increasingly, change management teams are turning away from traditional, manual-based processes and investing in fresh, new technology solutions like Ralleo, which automate and streamline much of the change management process.

Ralleo also gives individual change managers a more overarching view of change across the business, which reduces manual workload and also reduces the risk of costly and time-consuming resourcing or scheduling clashes when rolling out initiatives.


2.  Automating your processes


Despite the existence of several new digital change management tools on the market, many change management teams are still relying upon traditional, outdated spreadsheets and manual change management processes. This is creating bottlenecks, restricting decision-making and preventing change managers from having an effective, real-time view of change across their organisation.

By adopting a digital change management solution, your team can:

  • Save time – by automating time-consuming tasks and eliminating the need for complex and laborious Excel spreadsheets.
  • Mitigate risk – by giving you full visibility into all of your change management activity.
  • Gain control – both on an individual project level, and across your entire change portfolio.
  • Streamline resources – with overarching, automated scheduling tools.
  • Make faster, better decisions – with real-time, accurate data at your fingertips.
  • Improve compliance – with detailed, real-time reports customised to your organisation.


3.  Embracing innovation


Increasingly, it’s becoming vital that change management teams embrace new, progressive solutions – or they risk becoming obsolete and redundant. With evidence suggesting that as few as a third of organisational change management initiatives actually succeed now [1], change managers need to find new solutions that can help them do great work and make an impact.

Technology firm Olikka, for instance, has recently created a Change Management Digital Assistant – Ollie. This highly interactive tool is helping the business reduce help desk tickets, roaming floor support, physical and digital collateral.  Over time, Ollie can be programmed with more detailed information, creating a very knowledgeable change management digital assistant.


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Ralleo is a powerful, secure, cloud-based software solution that is ideal for any size of business, particularly large enterprises, and government departments. Ralleo supports all change management methodologies, and our expert team can customise a solution to suit your specific requirements. We offer three different packages, and as Ralleo is based in the cloud, you simply pay for your subscription on a month-to-month basis, and can scale your licenses up or down as you need to. Plus, getting started is quick and easy.



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